Dr. Jose Medina
Dr. Jose Medina

¿Quiénes Somos?

Dr. José Medina: Educational Solutions is a consulting company that serves to create educational access for all students, their families, and the communities they live in.  With a specific focus on meeting the needs of emergent bilingual students and language learners, we provide a broad range of support to educational entities throughout the United States and internationally.

¡Lo que se dice, se hace!

At Dr. José Medina: Educational Solutions our motto is lo que se dice, se hace.©  This translates to, that which you say, you do.  It started with Dr. Medina's maternal Abuelita Juanita.  When she cared for José and his siblings while their parents were at work, Juanita would remind them that if they were not people of their word, then they would have nothing.  Know that la chancla was sometimes involved in this sharing of information!


The formation of this educational consulting company comes from this heartfelt belief that we must honor each other, family, culture, traditions, language, and words.  Moreover, we must never be neutral in our fight for equity and social justice.  At Dr. José Medina: Educational Solutions, we serve not as educational consultants, but as educational advocates.  This is grounded in the foundational beliefs that Dr. Medina's family instilled in him and continue to drive his work as a servant leader.