Dr. Jose Medina
Dr. Jose Medina

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Job-Embedded Support

The Dual Language Teacher: Job-Embedded Support

Teacher job-embedded support may include one-to-one coaching, structured observation lesson, and/or small group lesson planning.  In collaboration with school and district leadership, the facilitator will be able to meet the specific needs of the dual language teacher.

The Dual Language Teacher: Guided Classroom Observations

Often teachers are encouraged to visit other classrooms, as a means to grow professionally.  However, without guidance and a protocol, the process may not result in a change in practice.  Through the guided classroom observation process, dual language teachers will walk away with specific understanding of what was observed and how it can be implemented into their own practice.

The Dual Language Educator: C6 Biliteracy Instructional Rounds

Biliteracy instructional rounds allow administrators and teacher leaders the opportunity to engage in deep learning about dual language best practices via guided classroom visits.  Through the use of an instructional framework specifically addressing biliteracy instruction, participants will be able to see first-hand the practices that align with the recommendations in the Guiding Principles for Dual Language Education: Third Edition.

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