Dr. Jose Medina
Dr. Jose Medina

Aprendizaje Profesional

Professional Learning

The Dual Language Classroom:  Essentials

Serving in a dual language program requires an understanding of language acquisition and dual language research.  Additionally, dual language teachers rely on specific pedagogical tools that better allow them to serve emergent bilingual students in the classroom.  Workshop participants, through the use of the highly regarded Guiding Principles for Dual Language Education: 3rd Edition, will be able to engage in interactive activities that will quickly be able to be implemented, while also supporting the three goals of dual language education.

The Dual Language Classroom: Instructional Strategies

Regardless of the language of instruction, dual language teachers must create access to grade level standards for all students.  This requires an understanding of biliteracy instructional practices that must be implemented before, during, and after any dual language lesson.  Participants will engage in research-based interactive activities that will allow them to better plan for, and ensure, a more equitable environment that is culturally responsive to each student's strengths.

La clase dual: Instrucción en español/The Dual Language Classroom: Instruction in Spanish

This session, facilitated completely in Spanish, will allow participants to better understand the linguistic features of the language, that directly impact both literacy and content instruction in Spanish.  Additionally, dual language educators who facilitate instruction in Spanish, must be adept at helping students to make cross-linguistic connections, in order to use both program languages as a resource to strengthen both.  This hands-on and interactive workshop will assist teachers in better serving students in a Spanish/English dual language program.

The Dual Language Administrator: Essentials

This workshop is designed to provide administrators and teacher leaders, a foundational  understanding of the seven dual language strands described in the highly regarded Guiding Principles for Dual Language Education: Third Edition.  Participants will engage with biliteracy research via interactive activities that will allow them to better serve emergent bilingual students.  All activities in the professional learning session will align to the three goals of dual language: bilingualism & biliteracy, high academic achievement in both program languages, and sociocultural competence.

The Dual Language Administrator: Advanced

The advanced dual language leadership professional learning opportunity, builds upon what is established in the essentials workshop.  Participants are able to identify areas of strength, and strands that require attention.  Through the use of in-depth reflection, using the rubrics in the Guiding Principles for Dual Language Education: Third Edition, this tailored workshop allows participants to fully focus on meeting the specific needs of the community they serve.

The Dual Language Advocate:  A Journey Towards Sociocultural Competence

Dual language educators and leaders must actively advocate for dual language programs.  An integral component of this advocacy must include actively working to ensure that all stakeholders are engaging in conversations about bias, privilege, discrimination, and ultimately, creating educational environments where all students, families, educators, and community members feel valued and respected, as delineated in the third goal of dual language education – sociocultural competence.  Participants in this workshop will engage with culturally-responsive strategies that will be able to be implemented at the classroom, school and district levels.

The Dual Language Keynote Address

The keynote address professional learning opportunity is specifically designed, in collaboration with district leadership, to address stakeholders’ needs.  The varied topics can include, but are not limited to: serving language learners, differentiation in dual language programs, sociocultural competence, serving special populations, parent involvement, biliteracy instruction, the three goals of dual language, and testimonios. 

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