Dr. Jose Medina
Dr. Jose Medina

Apoyo Técnico (In Person or Remote Facilitation)

Technical Assistance

The Dual Language Administrator: Technical Assistance

Technical assistance may include program implementation support, small group professional learning opportunities, facilitation of parent meetings, and/or job-embedded support.  In collaboration with school leadership, the facilitator will be able to plan for technical assistance that more directly impacts the stakeholders served in the dual language educational community.

The Dual Language District: Technical Assistance

Technical support at the district level may include curriculum and resource adoption guidance, program structure recommendations, and family and community involvement strategies.  In collaboration with district leadership, the facilitator is able to target the specific needs of the district.

The Dual Language Professional Learning Needs Assessment

Technical support may include school/classroom visits, meetings with stakeholders, and review of present practices, to ensure continuous program and biliteracy instructional improvement.  In collaboration with school and/or district leadership, the facilitator will draft a plan that will result in multi-year professional learning recommendations.

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